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Exercises for low back pain

The precise cause for LBP remains elusive.  There are also many assumptions and misconceptions surrounding LBP adding to the confusion.  People present with a wide variety of pain and symptoms, some of which can be severe and concerning and for others just an inconvenient stiffness.

Exercise therapy for Lower Back Pain is designed for:

People whom have had previous treatment for back pain and are on the road to recovery but would like more help on the way.
People who want to better manage their backs and reduce the risk of future back pain.

For patients with sudden onset of lower back pain or pain that gives rise to leg symptoms such as pins and needles, numbness or weakness, urgent assessment from a GP or Physiotherapist is recommended.  For others though, a guided exercise and education program incorporating:

Core stability exercises.
Education and correction of posture.
Correction of faulty movement patterns.
Modified and progressive exercise programs.
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